About Us

Nurses at Mount Sinai initiate collaborative partnerships on behalf of the patients and families we serve: The support of clinical leaders nourishes the model of relationship-centered care and fosters professional advancement and continuous improvement in our quality of care.

Nursing practice at Mount Sinai embodies the core values of relationship-centered care: the nurse-patient relationship, accountability, autonomy, continuity, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Nurses are Mount Sinai’s treasured resource—high-level professionals with valued expertise and voices who provide and coordinate relationship-centered care on a 24/7 basis. The heart of our Professional Practice Model centers on their capacity to learn, synthesize, make critical judgments, place patients and families first, and collaborate with team members who are recognized leaders within health care.

Mount Sinai nurses bring the spirit of professionalism and clinical excellence to their work. They are honored and recognized for their compassion and expertise by accepting two challenges:

  • Defining and shaping our community of leaders
  • Advancing patient care and embracing the complexities of the twenty-first century

Magnet Award

Mount Sinai is a recipient of the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s prestigious Magnet Award, the gold standard for nursing excellence. Awarded since 2004, we are the first full-service hospital in Manhattan to receive this designation.

We are dedicated to providing the education and support essential to our nurses’ success, while also fostering evidence-based practice, research, and scholarship. The Center for Nursing Research and Education at Mount Sinai is one of the only nursing centers established within a medical school nationally. This provides many opportunities for nurses to engage more formally in educational and research initiatives that will help them advance professionally and contribute to quality patient care at Mount Sinai.