Are you a family caregiver?

  • 34 million people provide unpaid care for a family member, spouse or friend over the age of 60 in the U.S.
  • On average these individuals spend 21 hours each week and approximately $2400 out of pocket each year
  • Family caregivers who live close often assist older adults with paying bills, getting to appointments, preparing meals, bathing and dressing
  • Long distance caregivers regularly call to check-in and often coordinate care by phone or e-mail

CAPP specializes in assisting family caregivers of those over 60.

A call to CAPP begins with a discussion about what concerns you most. Some family caregivers simply need information about local services while others benefit from talking with someone who can help them strategize solutions to problems they face in their caregiving. Regardless of the reason for contacting CAPP, a Social Worker who specializes in assisting family caregivers will partner with you from day one.

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