Mount Sinai Support Services

Social services, patient counseling, advocacy and information services are available to help both in-patients and out-patients and their families cope with an illness and hospitalization, provide social and rehabilitative support, offer concrete assistance in discharge planning, obtain health insurance and income supports, and identify and utilize health and social services in the community. These services include:

Patient Representative

Patient representatives help patients and their families with problems, complaints or concerns about their health care or Mount Sinai services that other staff are unable to resolve. Patient representatives provide information regarding the New York State Health Care Proxy and patients' rights. Patient representatives are on call from Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5 PM and can be reached at 659-8990. At other times, calls will be referred to a nursing administrator.

In the event that a concern cannot be resolved, patients and their families can also contact us at 212-241-0489, or visit us here.

Volunteer Services

The Department of Volunteer Services sponsors a range of programs that utilize volunteer time and skill in enhancing patient services and provide opportunities to enhance Mount Sinai’s mission. For information, call 212-241-0478.

Medical Records

Information contained in the medical record is confidential and available to authorized users only. It may not be released without the patient's authorization except as required by law. For information on how to obtain a copy of your medical record, please call 212-241-7601.

Other Community Services

The Department of Health Education provides and/ or coordinates health education programs and services in East Harlem and other near communities. Programs are designed for all age groups - children through the older adult. For information, call 212-241-3604.

The Department of Community Relations acts as the hospital's link to health, social service and civic organizations, as well as to schools, community boards, local coalitions and committees, and community leaders. The department disseminates information and helps build support for hospital programs, services and policies; organize health fairs and educational events; develops new programs and services and evaluates their effectiveness; and works in partnership with community members and organizations to solve health problems. To reach the Department of Community and Government Affairs, call 212-659-9085.

Contact Us

We welcome feedback about your care.

If you have concerns, please contact:

The Nurse Manager or Supervisor

In Manhattan:  
The Patient Service Center
Guggenheim Pavilion Atrium
212-659-8990 days
212-241-6500 evenings, nights, and weekends

At Mount Sinai Queens:
The Patient Representative
Annex 2nd Floor

If you feel we have not been able to address your concerns, you may file a complaint anonymously and/or without retaliatory action to:

New York State Department of Health: 800-804-5447

The Joint Commission: by emailing or calling 800-994-6610.