In the Department of Social Work Services at the Mount Sinai Health System, we believe that total patient care must emphasize the physical, emotional and social needs of each patient and family. Our work is based on collaboration with the medical staff and other hospital personnel assisting patients and families to cope better with medically related social-emotional problems and with crisis.

Our aim is to strengthen the ability of people to participate constructively in their own and their family’s treatment and care, and helping people to identify, mobilize and use their own resources to maximize this effort. We recognize the needs of the patient and the needs of the medical team, assisting the team to identify and solve obstacles to care. We see ourselves as the member of the medical team whose function it is to assist the patient as a whole, to help the patient place his/her condition in a realistic perspective and to pragmatically help him/her negotiate those systems and resources whose support s/he both wants and needs.