Visiting the NICU

General Rules

  • To protect NICU babies from colds and other viruses, we must restrict persons who have a cold, runny nose, or have been exposed to chicken pox within a three-week period from visiting
  • One of the baby's parents must accompany all visitors while at the bedside
  • Visits are restricted to two people, one of whom must be a parent
  • Information about a baby's condition will be shared only with the parents
  • Cellular phone use is not permitted in patient care areas, and cell phones should be turned off before a visit
  • Parents may take photos of their baby, however we ask that you not take pictures of other infants on the unit
  • Video cameras are not permitted

Before Entering NICU

  • Please leave coats in the gowning room just inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Keep all valuables with you at all times
  • No food, beverages or other personal belongings are allowed in the unit
  • Follow instructions in the gowning room for washing your hands
  • If you plan to hold your baby, please put on a hospital gown after washing your hands