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Religious Contacts

The Kravis Children's Hospital at Mount Sinai has Jewish, Catholic and Protestant Chaplains available.

Contact Information
Pediatric Chaplain: 212-241-6458
Rabbi: 212-241-7262
Priest: 212-241-7908
Minister: 212-241-5280

If you need information about other clergy, please ask your nurse or social worker.

The Hatch Interdenominational Chapel is located in the Guggenheim Pavilion on the first floor.

The Peck Jewish Chapel is located in the Guggenheim Pavilion on the second floor.

Blood Bank

If you want to arrange for designated blood for your newborn, ask your nurse or doctor about blood donation. In most cases, family members in good health may donate blood. The Blood Donor Center is located at:

The Mount Sinai Hospital
KCC Basement
1450 Madison Avenue
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 3:30pm
Tel: 212-241-6104 (Please call first)

Donor parents: Please bring identification with you, along with the baby's medical record number. You should eat before giving blood. If your blood is not a match with your baby's blood, it will not go to waste. We will use it for another patient who does have the same blood type as you.