Caring for Your Baby

Feeding Your Infant

For mothers who are planning to breastfeed their infants, be sure to tell your baby's nurse or doctor. We also make electric pumps and a refrigerator/freezer available for the pumping and storage of breast milk at the mother's preference.

Our nurses will provide additional information about breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. Breastfeeding specialists are also available to you during the baby's hospital stay, and you may call the Breastfeeding Line, 212-241-6578, to speak with a breastfeeding specialist after your baby goes home.

Spending Time with Your Newborn

We encourage parents to visit their baby as often as possible and to take an active role in their care. Your baby's nurse will help you become familiar with daily care activities such as holding, feeding, diaper changing, taking temperature and bathing.

What you notice about your baby is important. If you see a change, or if you are worried about something, please discuss your concerns with any member of your baby's health care team.

Staying Informed About Your Baby's Progress

Parents may call the unit for information about their baby at any time. You can call us 24 hours a day at 212-241-5517.

Note: We will provide information about a newborn's condition only to parents. Relatives and friends will be directed to speak with parents for information about the baby.


If you want to have your baby boy circumcised, please talk with your baby's doctor or nurse soon after his birth.

Taking Your Infant Home

It is a New York State law that infants must be properly secured in a car seat or car bed when traveling. Parents are responsible for knowing how to use car seats safely. Please talk with your nurse if you would like more information about infant car seats.