Mount Sinai Robotics Institute

For nearly two decades, surgeons at Mount Sinai have been at the forefront of robotic surgery and refining its techniques. Led by Dr. Eric M. Genden, Chair of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and Dr. Ash Tewari, Chair of Urology, the Mount Sinai Robotics Institute was established to encompass robotic surgery services across multiple Departments at the Mount Sinai Health System and to cohesively enhance patient outcomes, physician training, and robotic surgery technology.

TORS Program

The multidisciplinary TransOral Robotic Surgery (TORS) Program was established as one of the first of its kind worldwide, and it remains one of only a handful today.

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Robotic Prostate Surgery

The ART ™ technique developed by Dr. Ash Tewari reduces side effects while providing superior cancer control.

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