The Seating and Wheeled Mobility Clinic assists individuals with the selection of mobility devices that best fit their lifestyle. A wide variety of manual wheelchairs, scooters, and power wheelchairs are available for evaluation. Selecting a mobility device is a collaborative effort between the family members/caretakers, physiatrist, an occupational therapist, a rehabilitation technology supplier, a rehabilitation technology practitioner, and if appropriate, a respiratory therapist.

  • Expert consultation is available for individuals who are newly disabled and for individuals who are currently using a wheelchair and looking to replace or upgrade their current wheelchair and/or seating system.
  • We work closely with rehabilitation technology suppliers to generate prescriptions and complete the necessary paperwork for the insurance companies.
  • Each wheelchair and/or seating system is adapted to meet the individual's needs. The seating system is customized to each individual whether "off-the-shelf" products or custom-molded seating systems are utilized.
  • With advance notice, the Xsensor pressure-mapping system is available as a diagnostic tool to assist with the seating system prescription for individuals with pressure sores. It is also a great tool for education and evaluation of different pressure relief techniques.
  • Education on the care and maintenance of the prescribed products is provided.