Radiation oncologists and cancer specialists have long been perplexed with the different responses observed among patients resulting from virtually identical radiation treatments. However, research has demonstrated that similar to other human traits, sensitivity to radiation is influenced by inherited genetic characteristics. Pioneered by The Mount Sinai Hospital, radiogenomics focuses on identifying genetic markers in order to personalized radiotherapy, optimizing the treatment plan for each patient based upon his or her genetic makeup.

The radiation oncologists at The Mount Sinai Hospital use their clinical experience to develop new ideas and programs to improve clinical outcome of patients receiving radiation therapy. For example, we recently presented research at a national meeting that showed how we are able to predict what changes we expect to see on a CT scan after radiation treatment, which in turn helps us deliver better care to our patients.

Clinical Trials

The Department of Radiation Oncology at The Mount Sinai Hospital participates in numerous clinical trials which explore innovative new ways to deliver cancer treatment. Some of these trials were developed by our physicians and are being performed at various cancer centers across the country. Our doctors have presented the results of their breakthrough research at scientific meetings locally, nationally, and internationally.