Hepatitis C Webinar

dieterich spotlightOn April 23 at 7:00 p.m., Douglas Dieterich, MD, will discuss important information about hepatitis C that family members and support care personnel should know.

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Mount Sinai Liver

The Division of Liver Diseases at The Mount Sinai Hospital has been at the forefront of groundbreaking advances in the detection and treatment of liver diseases for more than half a century. We provide personalized care for all types of acute and chronic liver diseases including hepatitis B and C, liver cancer and cirrhosis. Our liver disease specialists comprehensively evaluate patients, providing expert diagnosis and treatment plans that will help arrest or reverse their disease. And our tradition of excellence helps us achieve our goal of providing compassionate, innovative care. Read More


Help for Hepatitis C Patient

After years of unsuccessful treatments for hepatitis C, and with his liver function worsening, Durk Snowden opted for a new triple drug therapy offered at Mount Sinai.  Learn More

Advanced Treatment for Hep C

Our liver specialists at the hepatitis C Virus Program provide personalized treatment plans for hepatitis C patients, including access to cutting-edge clinical trials. 

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