About Your Visit to the Metastasis Center

New patients to the Metastasis Center can expect the following steps in the process of receiving care from Mount Sinai.

Scheduling Your First Appointment

When a patient or referring physician first contacts the Metastasis Center, our concierge coordinator will collect any initial information. The patient will then be contacted by our nurse navigator, who will make a preliminary review of the patient’s medical records in order to appropriately plan a personalized, day-long consultation. Our goal is to schedule this consultation within five business days.

Your All-Day Assessment

Each patient’s full-day consultation is planned according to the needs of the individual. A typical visit could include appointments with medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, radiology testing (such as MRI or CT scans), and sessions with other team members such as a symptom management specialist, nutritionist, and social worker. Each patient’s team will be personalized based on the underlying cancer and where the cancer has spread; for example, a patient with kidney cancer that has spread to the lungs will have appointments with a medical oncologist specializing in urology and a surgical oncologist specializing in thoracic procedures. The patient will be escorted through this day of appointments and tests by the dedicated nurse navigator, who will ensure a smooth experience and answer any questions.

All these team members and services are located in Mount Sinai’s state-of-the-art Hess Center for Science and Medicine. This building includes the newly renovated Ruttenberg Treatment Center, where multidisciplinary oncology specialists work side by side to provide coordinated and convenient care.

By the end of this full-day visit, our Center’s team members will have met to arrive at a unified medical opinion and will hold a conference to present our treatment recommendations to the patient. Within 24 hours, a written copy of those recommendations will be provided to the patient’s referring physician.  

Developing Your Personalized Care Plan

Based on the day-long assessment, our team designs a plan customized to achieve the best possible outcomes for each patient. For some individuals, the plan could involve receiving advanced treatments or enrolling in a clinical trial at Mount Sinai. For others, the patient’s referring physician could carry out our team’s personalized recommendations with our Center’s support.

Remote Consultations

Our team is also pleased to provide remote second medical opinions to national and international patients. Individuals from throughout the United States and abroad who are unable to travel to New York in person are welcome to submit their medical records to our multidisciplinary team, who will conduct a review and provide a written recommendation.  

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Remote Consultation

The Metastasis Center is pleased to provide patients across the country and around the world with remote medical consultations.

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