About the Metastasis Center

When cancer spreads to another area of the body beyond the initial site of the disease, it's important to seek care at a hospital that offers vast expertise and the most advanced treatment options available. At Mount Sinai, The Tisch Cancer Institute's specialized Metastasis Center serves the unique needs of patients with metastatic cancer by assembling a personalized, multidisciplinary team based on each individual's disease. Within this patient-centered, concierge model of care, our Center provides access to seamless care, advanced technologies, and novel treatments that may not be available elsewhere.

Our Comprehensive, Concierge Approach

Each new patient of the Metastasis Center begins their care with a full-day visit to our Ruttenberg Treatment Center, where they will have a series of appointments coordinated to address their specific needs. The day could include sessions with medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists and specialists in areas such as symptom management and nutrition, as well as any radiology testing required. This day-long visit ends with a conference in which the Center's team sits down to present treatment recommendations to the patient.

The treatment options we provide are often available only at specialized academic medical centers like Mount Sinai. Our advanced care includes state-of-the-art radiation oncology services (such as stereotactic body radiotherapy) and surgical services (such as liver metastasis resections), as well as emerging treatments in the form of clinical trials.

We are also pleased to provide remote second medical opinions and treatment recommendations to national and international patients.

Our Multidisciplinary Team

In order to deliver the most comprehensive care possible, the Metastasis Center includes a multidisciplinary team led by medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, who collaborate to determine the optimal treatment plan for each patient. In addition, our Center includes a nutritionist, social worker, and specialists in symptom management to ensure our patients receive well-rounded care. Each patient is also assigned a dedicated nurse navigator, who will act as their primary point person to help schedule appointments and answer questions.

Through this blend of personalized attention and advanced treatment offerings, the Metastasis Center strives to achieve the best possible quality of life for our patients with metastatic cancer – whether that means exploring new treatments, confirming a previous treatment recommendation, or coordinating hospice or palliative care.

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Remote Consultation

The Metastasis Center is pleased to provide patients across the country and around the world with remote medical consultations.

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