Remote Second Medical Opinion Program

The Remote Second Medical Opinion Program at The Mount Sinai Health System provides international patients with direct access to our world renowned physicians from the convenience of home. Through our program, patients around the globe can receive our experts’ opinion on their diagnosis as well as recommendations on the most advanced treatment options available. Our doctors consult with pathologists, radiologists, and other support physicians to review each patient’s medical report and provide a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment options, and medical recommendations.

We offer our Remote Second Medical Opinion Program to international patients in the following areas of clinical care:

  • Cancer
  • ENT (Otolaryngology)
  • Heart
  • Neurosurgery
  • Ob/Gyn
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Transplant
  • Urology
  • Vascular Surgery

After our physician and medical team have discussed the diagnosis and treatment plan, the patient has the option to come to the Mount Sinai Health System to receive medical care. Our International Services Department will coordinate each patient’s care and will be the single point of contact during treatment at our hospital.

Getting Started

In order to begin the process of receiving a remote second medical option from a Mount Sinai physician, please follow these steps:

International Services
Mount Sinai Hospital
One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1475
New York, NY 10029

Cost of Service

The fee for the Remote Second Medical Opinion Program will vary depending on the diagnosis and medical team involvement in the treatment recommendation. A more detailed breakdown of costs is available upon request.

Once the cost estimate is given, we require the patient to fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form. We will not charge the credit card until we confirm with our medical team that the health information that has been submitted is sufficient to provide the patient with a second medical opinion.

Review of Medical Information

Once the patient’s medical information is submitted and the Credit Card Authorization form is filled out, the Second Medical Opinion Program at The Mount Sinai Hospital is committed to providing our international patients with their diagnosis, treatment plan, and medical recommendations within five business days.

Contact Us

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International Services
One Gustave L. Levy Place
Box 1475
New York, NY 10029