International Patient Testimonials

I had a cardiac catheterization done with Dr. Samin Sharma. My experience at your hospital was very, very good. Both Dr. Sharma and his team took excellent care of me during my stay. The International Services department was able to send my requested invoices in a timely fashion and I have been able to submit to my insurance for reimbursement. I thank you for your assistance and would recommend Dr. Sharma to my fellow countrymen.

--J.S., Trinidad


My experience at Mount Sinai was great! I had spine surgery with Dr. Arthur Jenkins. He was so patient and kind. He spent a lot of time with me and answered all of my questions. After my surgery, I had much less pain than I thought I would. The nurses and physiotherapists were also so kind.

--P.G., Portugal


While living in New York I needed urgent medical treatment. It was my fortune to be directed to Mount Sinai where I was welcomed and treated with the utmost respect. International Services assisted me with making sure all was taken care of prior to and during my visits, and updated my family during my operations. They also expedited and assisted with all medical bills and follow-up appointments. I had the A-team of doctors who listened to my concerns. What I appreciated the most was the good sense of humor my doctors and the medical staff had throughout, which made my recovery all the better.

--P.B., Iceland


I underwent surgery to replace two heart valves and I had a second operation on my liver, small intestine, and gall bladder. Both of these procedures were conducted at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. When I was diagnosed in my country it was determined that I could not be treated there because the type of cancer I had was very rare. My personal experience with The Mount Sinai Health System was excellent, thanks to the professionalism and human quality of the medical specialists in oncology and cardiovascular diseases, and the nursing personnel, for whom I am very grateful. The office of International Services was involved in my care to provide all relevant paperwork, which can often be uncomfortable and difficult for us foreigners. They also coordinated my medical appointments in laboratories and radiological areas, optimizing time and simplifying the paperwork, and they were awaiting my entry and exit of the hospital—they treated me like family. To this day I count on the professionalism of the medical specialists who treated me and the help of the International Services office to coordinate my medical appointments, lab tests, and even help me with selecting a hotel during my stay in New York City.

--H.P., Venezuela

I had an amazing experience at The Mount Sinai Health System. Dr. Francesco Callipari and his team first and foremost were professional and caring and more than anything else, understanding. During my prenatal visits I was well informed and understood what to expect upon going into delivery. Checking in and out from visits was quick and stress-free. The International Services department was always there for me. They were dedicated and compassionate to my medical needs. I will definitely recommend going to The Mount Sinai Health System for any procedure or medical visits.

--H.B., Saudi Arabia


Our experience at Mount Sinai was fantastic. Our physician, Dr. Valentin Fuster, and his assistant are not only incredible and warm people but also extremely talented and skilled professionals. All of Dr. Fuster’s team is excellent. Dr. Samin Sharma (who performed the procedure) and his team and Dr. Fuster and his team did incredible work in the coronary angiography and placement of a stent. What is unique to Mount Sinai is the way they treated me and how they allayed my fears completely. I am leaving in a week to return to my country with trust in my heart condition. Also, the International relations staff did excellent work so everything was settled for my hospitalization in a couple of hours. I am very impressed with Mount Sinai. I feel that I am in the right place with the right people. I will definitely recommend Mount Sinai in my country.

--A.G., Uruguay

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