Episode 5- October 21st, 6 AM

Hosts, Yamila Constantino and Dr. Eliscer Guzmán, are joined by Dr. Luis Isola, a Cancer expert from The Mount Sinai Hospital, who discusses the high incidence of cancer within the Latino community, important cancer risk factors to be aware of and the importance of regular screenings for early detection.  In “Caso Clínico”, patient Pedro Sánchez tells us how he lives a normal life despite his diagnosis of kidney failure.

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nullDr. Luis Isola
Cancer Specialist of ¡A tu Salud!

In addition to his position as assistant professor of medicine, hematology, medical oncology and pediatrics at Icahn School of Medicine, Dr. Luis Isola is also the director of the Bone Marrow Transplantation program at the Mount Sinai Health System. Implementing a multidisciplinary approach with various Mount Sinai faculty, Dr. Isola has pioneered research efforts focused on disease survivorship and vaccine development.

Dr. Isola graduated summa cum lade from the University of Buenos Aires in 1979 with his medical degree and completed his residency and fellowship at the Icahn School of Medicine. He has authored over 60 peer reviewed publications and has been at the forefront in the development of computerized systems for data management, one of the crucial capabilities for maintaining accreditation by many organizations.


Dr. Jacqueline Nieto, oncologist at The Mount Sinai Hospital, explains why one in two men will suffer from cancer during the course of his life.