Ill Toddler Grows Up Healthy with Mother’s Liver

Robbie Stratakos received his liver transplant at age 3. Now that he’s older, Robbie helps raise awareness about organ donation.

Robbie Stratakos was an active, healthy toddler until one day in March 2002, when his skin suddenly turned yellow. His parents, Allison and Peter, brought him immediately to the doctor.

Robbie was diagnosed with fulminant liver failure. An unknown virus had permanently damaged Robbie’s liver. The toddler urgently needed a life-saving liver transplant.

It took two days for Allison to be evaluated and cleared as Robbie’s living donor. The liver transplant surgery took place just four days after Robbie was diagnosed.

"Robbie is now a healthy, normal 11 year old," Allison said. "He loves to play the drums. He excels at sports. And he wants to be a professional golfer. We are back to being the three musketeers — four if you count our beloved puppy, Frosty!

Now that Robbie is getting older, he is starting to understand how fortunate and special he is, she said. "We as a family want to help educate the public about the importance of organ donation.

"Everybody gives all of the credit for getting through the transplant to Robbie and me, but I feel that my husband, Peter, had the toughest job of all. He had to sit by waiting while the two people he loved the most were in the operating room. He kept our world together throughout the entire process. He is our hero," Allison said.