The Mount Sinai Joint Replacement Center

For patients struggling with a painful joint condition—from arthritis of the knee to a fracture of the hip—the Mount Sinai Joint Replacement Center provides advanced orthopaedic treatments to eliminate discomfort and restore ease of movement. The therapies we provide range from non-surgical treatments to complex reconstructive surgeries using advanced, minimally-invasive techniques. Our team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and other caregivers combines clinical expertise and cutting-edge technologies in order to minimize pain, shorten recovering times, and achieve the best possible long-term outcomes.

Our effectiveness is evident not only in or success rates—95 percent of our hip and knee replacement patients have excellent joint function after 20 years—but in the distinctions we receive. Mount Sinai is one of only 14 hospitals across the country selected by the National Football League to assist retired players in need of joint replacement surgery. But the real measure of our success is our patients’ ability to return to activities from horseback riding to singles tennis, and their continuing joint health even thirty years after receiving a replacement knee or hip.

Personalized Hip and Knee Care

The Mount Sinai Joint Replacement Center is committed to providing the best possible patient experience. Our Samuel and Ethel Lefrak Patient Education Center offers multimedia information on conditions and treatments. We also hold a series of patient education classes, in which Mount Sinai team members—including surgeons, anesthesiologists, and physical therapists—address our patients’ questions and concerns.

Our comfortable, caring environment is designed to help those who come to us for care feel at ease, and our team members are here to listen and do everything possible to personalize the right treatment plan for each patient.

Advanced Joint Replacement Treatments

Whenever possible, our physicians rely on nonsurgical options, such as viscosupplementation (the injection of lubricating fluids into the joint), bracing, and physical therapy.

If surgery is required, our orthopaedic surgeons are skilled in using minimally-invasive techniques that reduce scarring and shorten recovery times. In the case of joint replacement procedures, we only use prosthetics made of non-reactive materials, never metal-on-metal replacements, which have come under scrutiny for developing defects. Our Center provides many advanced procedures including the following:

  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Osteotomy
  • Total hip and/or knee replacements (including anterior intermuscular hip replacement)
  • Partial hip and/or knee replacements
  • Patello-femoral replacement
  • Hip resurfacing

Our treatment offerings are enhanced by our ongoing clinical research studies, which seek to advance treatment methods by preventing infection, improving pain management, and diminishing the risk of blood transfusions after surgery.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Joint Care

Successful hip or knee reconstruction requires a combination of surgical expertise and collaboration among specialists. While the surgeon you meet before your procedure is the same individual who will perform your surgery, that physician will work closely with a team of caregivers, all doing their part to deliver the highest quality care. Our anesthesiologists specialize in joint replacement, and therefore almost all our surgeries are done under regional, rather than general anesthesia. Our surgical team keeps the Center’s infection rate at a fraction of the rate across other New York State hospitals. After surgery, our pain management team uses a variety of technologies to make patients as comfortable as possible. And our physical and occupational therapists help restore patients to normal activities at our inpatient rehabilitation facility, located right on the Mount Sinai campus.

Our team also collaborates with other disciplines throughout the hospital, including cardiology, geriatrics, hematology, nephrology, pulmonology, and rheumatology. Such multidisciplinary care eliminates the need for outside referrals, allowing Mount Sinai to provide its patients with the most comprehensive joint care possible.

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