The Midwifery Program at Mount Sinai

The Midwifery Program is a group of 8 certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives who work in collaboration with obstetrician-gynecologists at The Mount Sinai Hospital to provide women and their families with professional, compassionate and comprehensive care.

As fully licensed experts in low risk women's healthcare, our midwives attend over 500 deliveries per year at the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Center for Labor and Birth. They provide prenatal, postpartum and well woman gynecology services to low-risk women at several sites, including Mount Sinai OB/GYN Associates, Mount Sinai Queens, and Settlement Health.

The Midwifery Program provides patients with the best of both worlds: the art of midwifery and the medical expertise people have come to expect from Mount Sinai.

Prenatal Services

Midwives monitor the health of the mother and baby regularly throughout pregnancy. They order all routine screening tests and ultrasounds, refer for consultation as needed, and prescribe medications if necessary. They provide emotional support and education, and are always available to answer questions about diet, personal hygiene, exercise, sleep, travel, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

During Labor

The Midwifery Program is located at the Cohen Center for Labor and Birth 24 hours a day, 7 days week. They are the primary provider of labor and delivery care for their patients, and evaluate, admit, and manage the labor of all patients of the midwifery service. As midwives, they believe that their role is to offer emotional and physical support in order to promote the most natural and uncomplicated birth experience possible. If pain relief is desired however, midwives work closely with the anesthesiologists on staff to provide epidural anesthesia. If complications should arise, a physician is immediately available for consultation and management.


Midwives provide physical assessment after the birth, and advice and support on breastfeeding, baby care, contraception, and other issues beginning immediately after birth.


Midwives see each patient at the end of the 6-week postpartum period, providing a full exam and contraception if needed. They continue to offer counseling and support on breastfeeding and baby care, and are trained to recognize and provide referrals for postpartum depression and other psychosocial or medical issues.

Gynecological and Family Planning Care

You don't have to be pregnant to see a midwife. Midwives provide well-woman gynecological care, such as annual pelvic examinations, breast exams, Pap smears, and screening for sexually transmitted infections. They are also fully trained in providing all methods of contraception, including IUD and Nexplanon insertions.

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