Advances in Care

The Mount Sinai Health System uses the most innovative technological advances in spine surgery and is actively involved in spinal research:

  • Minimally invasive procedures. Over the last few years we have seen a tremendous increase in minimally invasive techniques — surgeries geared toward smaller incisions, less postoperative pain, and quicker recovery time. Mount Sinai has been quick to adopt these techniques, and they are now our primary means of performing spine surgery.
  • Artificial disc replacement. The need to maintain normal motion in the spine led to the development of artificial disc replacement. Mount Sinai performs increasing numbers of disc replacements each year.
  • Research. Mount Sinai is conducting research to understand the molecular changes that lead to the development of degenerative spine/disc disease in certain individuals. Our goal is to be able to treat these changes early on, at the molecular level, to prevent or reverse this disease.

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