Non-Malignant Brain Tumor Support Group

Helping those diagnosed with non-malignant brain tumors manage their concerns surrounding treatment and survival. Support groups are scheduled through the end of the year.  Learn More


The Meningiomas Program at Mount Sinai is a leader in treating meningiomas, non-cancerous brain tumors that affect nearly 6,500 patients in the United States every year. We have pioneered endoscopic, minimally invasive surgical approaches for the treatment of meningiomas. These approaches may reduce postoperative pain, speed recovery, shorten hospital stays and facilitate an early return to daily life. With extensive experience in diagnosing and evaluating meningiomas, our neurosurgeons can recommend the best comprehensive treatment plan for each patient.

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Personalized Treatment Plans for Patients with Meningiomas

Our experienced neurosurgeons provide a variety of treatments for meningiomas, from tumor observation to minimally invasive surgical removal.  Learn More

Now with Surgery Behind Him, Lloyd is Back on His Bike

When Lloyd Fruhschien was diagnosed with a softball-sized benign brain tumor, he sought out the best possible care at The Mount Sinai Hospital.  Learn More