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24-Hour Metabolic Profile Assessment in the Metabolic Chamber

Our metabolic chamber provides a unique opportunity for a comprehensive assessment of your metabolic and fuel utilization profile for 24 hours. This includes how much energy you burn for various type of activities including sleep, rest, exercise, working, and eating. The chamber is now available for both research and consumer use and provides vital information that can be used to create a specific and personalized program for weight loss, athletic performance, or general health.

Body Composition Assessments with the Bod Pod

The body is made up of various parts - fat, muscles, bones, connective tissues, water, etc. Your unique body composition profile can affect many facets of your health and fitness from disease risk to physical function and athletic performance. For example, too much (or too little) body fat is linked to a number of metabolic disorders including obesity and diabetes and can also impair physical function and sports performance. Therefore, assessing the amount of fat and fat-free mass (also referred to as lean body mass or muscle mass) is important in the context of health and sports. Body composition analysis with the Bod Pod provides a simple, accurate and useful information for evaluating health status, risk of diseases, and monitor progress in response to a weight loss or exercise program.

Resting Metabolic Rate Assessments

Everyone has a unique metabolism profile based on age, gender, genetics, fitness level, diet, and body composition. A resting metabolic rate assessment provides an accurate measurement of your daily resting and daily energy requirement, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and metabolic rate. This information can be used to assess healthy status (e.g. high vs. low metabolism, fuel oxidation profile), as well as for designing a specific and personalized exercise and nutrition program for weight management and athletic performance. Resting metabolic rate assessment is also used to assess progress and changes in response to a dietary and/or exercise program. At our metabolic clinic, we can provide a resting metabolic rate assessment with a metabolic cart and a metabolic chamber. Both methods are considered the gold standard and provide highly accurate results.

Exercise and VO2 Max Testing

xercise testing can be used to assess a variety of physiological and metabolic aspects of health and fitness, such as cardiorespiratory fitness level, athletic ability, exercise efficiency, exercise tolerance, energy expenditure, metabolic rate, and fat and carbohydrate utilization. Exercise testing can provide vital information about the ability of your heart, lung, and blood to deliver oxygen to your working muscles and the ability of your muscles to use that oxygen for physical work. A low fitness level is associated with a higher risk for a number of chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. A robust fitness level means a high degree of aerobic capacity, making everyday activities, such as walking, stair climbing, and carrying groceries easier to complete. Lastly, a direct measurement of your fitness level and fuel oxidation profile (fat and carbohydrate metabolism) can be used to design a specific and personalized exercise and weight management program.

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