The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital is a 16-bed facility with a staff dedicated to providing state of the art medicine as well as family-centered care to their patients. The medical and surgical intensive needs of children ages 3 days to 20 years are managed in the PICU. Conditions that require admission to the PICU include respiratory failure, severe asthma, complex congenital heart disease, kidney failure, severe infections, diabetic ketoacidosis, neurologic illnesses, including seizures, and multiorgan failure. The PICU began caring for pediatric liver transplant recipients in 1990 and continues to provide expert care for liver, kidney, small bowel, and heart transplant patients, as well as bone marrow transplant recipients.

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit also supports multiple surgical subspecialties and cares for patients after ENT surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, oromaxillofacial surgery, and plastic surgery. A multidisciplinary team committed to excellence in clinical care and education staffs the PICU. This team includes 6 board-certified critical care physicians, magnet-award, highly trained nurses, respiratory therapists, child life specialists, nutritionists, and pharmacists. Parents are encouraged to be active participants in their child's care and recovery and to be present at the bedside.

The PICU utilizes state-of-the art technology, including the most advanced means of mechanical ventilation and continuous renal replacement therapy. The faculty is involved in the management of pediatric pain and palliative care throughout Kravis Children's Hospital. The faculty plays a large role in resident and medical student education and have initiated a pediatric medical simulation lab for the education of residents, students, and nurses. The PICU will facilitate the transport of critically ill children to Mount Sinai Hospital. To request a transport, please call:  212-241-8132.