Diagnosis and Treatment 

Diagnosing Sarcomas 

Mount Sinai offers comprehensive consultations by board-certified specialists, ensuring rapid access to needed tests and the most advanced technologies. In addition to medical history and physical examination, we use advanced, noninvasive imaging techniques, such as PET/CT (positron emission tomography and computed tomography) and biopsies to diagnose sarcomas and determine the best treatment strategy. We have pathologists and imaging specialists dedicated solely to sarcoma. The diagnosis of sarcoma is dependent upon familiarity with the variety of diagnoses that make up this family of more than 75 cancers, and is dependent on having sound tissue and molecular tests to insure the proper diagnosis has been rendered. 


Surgery to remove the tumor remains the primary therapy for sarcomas. In addition, radiation therapy (and sometimes chemotherapy) typically supplements surgical removal of the tumor to achieve the best results. Mount Sinai's surgical oncologists work closely with other cancer specialists throughout the institution to develop a custom treatment plan for each patient.

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