Cancer Community Outreach

Mount Sinai and The Tisch Cancer Institute provide ongoing cancer educational and preventative programs to our surrounding communities, including East and Central Harlem and other locations throughout New York City. Programs focus on identifying gaps in care and work in consultation and partnership with community residents and local organizations.

Mount Sinai Screenings and Education Programs

Ongoing programs include:

Breast Cancer

Breast Health Resource Program
The breast health resource program offers free clinical breast cancer screenings and education onsite and in the surrounding community.

Breast and Cervical Cancer

  • Witness Project of Harlem
    The Witness Project of Harlem offers breast and cervical community-based education and referrals for African Americans.

  • Esperanza Y Vida
    The Esperanza Y Vida program provides culturally sensitive breast and cervical cancer education and referrals to the Latina population.

Colorectal Cancer

  • The colorectal screening program of the Division of Gastroenterology and the Department of Oncological Sciences, provides free colonoscopies for low-income insured New Yorkers. Funding is provided by the New York City Council and is administered by the American Cancer Society. Mount Sinai has an open-access service to screening colonoscopies and assists patients with their appointments, procedure preparation and transportation.

  • CARES Project (Community Awareness, Reach, and Empowerment for Screening): In order to better understand factors influencing the decisions of African Americans to engage or not engage in colorectal cancer screening, this study tests the ability of two interventions to positively impact decisions concerning health seeking and screening behaviors.  This study examines the efficacy of a narrative communication-style group intervention compared to a standard, fact-based didactic intervention to influence African Americans’ engagement in colorectal cancer screening, including examining the degree to which the community interventions impact cognitive and affective decision making factors about health care seeking.  Recently funded by the NIH, this study is being carried out by both the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control within the Icahn School of Medicine’s Department of Oncological Sciences, as well Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY.  

Liver Cancer

  • Hepatitis Outreach Network (HONE) is a viral hepatitis prevention, screening, and link to care study focused on minority groups in New York City who are at high risk for chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) and chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV), diseases that have been linked to liver cancer.

  • The Primary Care Hepatitis C program at Mount Sinai is part of the medical center’s Internal Medicine Associates (IMA) primary care clinic located at 17 East 102nd Street.  At the IMA Primary Care Hepatitis C Program, an inter-disciplinary staff of doctors, nurse practitioners, a social worker, clinic psychologist, registered dietician and bilingual patient navigators offer a variety of services and support to patients.  A support group, led by the program’s clinical psychologist, is also available to all patients and is held once per month at 17 East 102nd Street.

  • H.E.A.L.S  is an outreach program, coordinated by medical centers Internal Medical Associates (IMA) primary care clinic, which provides free Hepatitis C testing and free Hepatitis C educational workshops for community based organizations, social services agencies and other community settings throughout New York City

Oral Cancer

The head and neck cancer team provided free oral exams, educational material about oral care, and HPV vaccinations onsite in support of Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Day.

Prostate Cancer

The Barbara and Maurice Deane Prostate Center, offers free prostate cancer screening education onsite and in the community.

Skin Cancer

  • Passion to Heal – Skin Screenings. Two free skin screening events provided by the Department of Dermatology:
    • Jones Beach
    • Mount Sinai CAM building
  • Aspen Ideas Festival – Melanoma Screenings

The Department of Dermatology provided free melanoma screenings at the festival in Aspen, Colorado from June 26 to July 2, 2013. They identified several melanomas, 24 precancerous lesions and a typical moles, and up to 20 non-melanoma skin cancers-basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas.

Ongoing Community Programs

  • American Cancer Society: Look Good Feel Better: monthly program onsite; Cancer Resource Volunteer onsite/outpatient twice a week.

  • Artist in Residence: onsite/inpatient once a week

  • Musicians on Call: onsite/inpatient once a week

  • Light One Little Candle: Free children’s books provided to patients undergoing treatment available inpatient and outpatient

  • CLIMB (Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery): a support program that helps children cope with cancer in their families, provided onsite on monthly basis

Other Community Outreach Events

  • Disease Awareness Resource Tables – Held onsite in support of Colorectal Cancer (March); Sickle Cell  (August) and Gynecological Cancer (September), these free events offered information on preventative services and programs

  • Surviving Lung Cancer – This free event held at Mount Sinai provided information to the public about the importance of early diagnosis, lung cancer CT screening and early treatment options, included a panel of experts in lung cancer and hosted special guest Roz Abrams Award-Winning TV News Broadcaster



ACOS Accreditation

In 2012, The Tisch Cancer Institute received accreditation from the ACOS (American College of Surgeons) Commission on Cancer. This award recognizes the full range of medical services along with the multidisciplinary team approach to patient care available at Mount Sinai. The community outreach program meets the ACOS standards and continues to develop and expand outreach efforts.