The distinguished multidisciplinary lung cancer team at Mount Sinai provides unparalleled diagnostics and treatment for all stages of lung cancer and mesothelioma. With more than 20 years of pioneering research and advancements in treatments, our physicians were at the forefront of studies demonstrating that annual CT scans can detect up to 85 percent of lung cancers at their earliest and most treatable stages. Additionally, they are renowned for their extraordinary expertise in minimally invasive surgery, such as the VATS lobectomy, and they work tirelessly to improve patients' outcomes and their quality of life. Read more

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Our patient stories affirm our strong commitment to excellence in lung cancer care.

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John Johnson quit smoking years ago, but a recent CT scan revealed lung cancer.

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Chris Draft at Mount Sinai

Former NFL star Chris Draft's young wife Keasha never smoked but passed away from lung cancer. Now he's raising awareness about the importance of screening.

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