About Us

Our goal, at the Center for Neuromodulation, is to expand our transdisciplinary service line, which is dedicated to providing clinical care and developing new technology in the field of neuromodulation. We offer outpatient services at Mount Sinai Beth Israel-Downtown and The Mount Sinai Hospital to treat chronic pain and movement disorders. We offer deep minimally invasive surgery at The Mount Sinai Hospital.

Our research efforts focus on the basic mechanisms, cost-efficacy and quality of life issues, biomarkers of patient selection and response, and development of new intellectual property in the field.

In addition to surgical treatment, we offer social support, physical therapy recommendations, speech therapy recommendations, and continuing education in the form of patient events and support groups.

We also provide several specialty programs: the Neuromodulation Wellness Program, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Volunteer Patient Ambassador Program, DBS Second Opinion and Correction Assessment Clinic, and the Movement Disorders Partnership.