Patient Stories

People come from across the region, the nation, and the world seeking care for heart disease at Mount Sinai. Our medical experts use the most advanced methods available to treat a wide range of illnesses, from chronic arrhythmia to a sudden heart attack. Many of our patients have stories that confirm the strong and valued commitment we have to quality care. Read more about their experiences.

A Multidisciplinary Cardiology Team Removes Massive Aortic Aneurysm
March 29, 2018  
During a routine exam, Claire had an abnormal EKG. Her physician said her condition wasn't life-threatening and advised her to make an appointment with a cardiologist.

Mount Sinai Heart Gives Stanley a Second Chance at Life At Age 90
October 16, 2017  
After experiencing three heart attacks and living with congestive heart failure, Stanley was intimately familiar with heart disease.

Teenage Girl Receives Emergency Valve Repair and Is Able to Lead a Normal Life
April 21, 2017  
More than six million Americans receive Mitral Valve replacements, when they can be replaced, resulting in a lifetime of complications

Heart Failure Can Happen During Pregnancy and/or Delivery
February 1, 2017  
When Melinda Constantine, a 33 year old nurse, gave birth to her first child she noticed that while the pregnancy, labor and delivery were all normal her heart rate was very high, and her blood pressure very low. She was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy—a rare type of heart failure that can happen during pregnancy or right after delivery. Under the care of Anelechi Anyanwu, MD, and Sean P. Pinney, MD, Melinda underwent surgery to implant an LVAD —a battery-operated, mechanical pump that helps the left ventricle pump blood to the rest of the body.

Special Cardiac Procedure Saves Life of Famous Violinist
October 11, 2016  
Yuval, a renowned violinist and conductor, wasn’t sure what was causing his severe shortness of breath, swelling of both legs, and irregular heartbeat, but he wasn’t taking any chances. He went straight to the hospital, where he was admitted to the cardiac intensive care unit and diagnosed with atrial flutter – severe heart failure.

Outpatient Cardio Rehab Helps Jessica’s Recovery from Heart Attack
October 11, 2016  
At age 31, Jessica thought the tightness in her chest was the flu at first. But when the pain escalated to an inability to catch her breath and pain in her chest, left arm, and jaw, she went to the hospital to get herself checked out. It turned out to be a heart attack.

Personal Trainer Saves Life of Lawyer with Undiagnosed Genetic Condition
October 11, 2016  
Andrew, age 37, was exercising on a gym treadmill when he passed out. Fortunately, his trainer was able to apply CPR and revive Andrew before putting him into an ambulance. He was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a genetic condition that can cause sudden cardiac arrest.

Mother and Son Recuperate Together from Aortic Surgery
October 11, 2016  
Like son, like mother. When Steven Goldberg finally decided to have his leaky aortic valve fixed, his mother, Miriam Goldberg, thought she should have hers tested as well. It turned out she needed the surgery as well. So both had the life-saving surgery and recuperated in side-by-side beds.

For Susan, Diamond-Coated Arterial Cleaners Are A Girl’s Best Friend
February 1, 2016  
When her chest pains started, Susan wasn’t too worried. After all, the discomfort she was feeling never seemed to last for very long. But when the pains persisted, she finally decided to go see a doctor, who discovered the cause: an almost complete blockage of her main coronary artery.

At the Heart of a High School Baseball Game
September 7, 2015  
Elijah was hit in the chest with a fast ball. His heart stopped beating. His coaches couldn’t find a pulse. Today, Elijah’s motto is “Be happy and always live life to the fullest.”

At the Heart of a Long Motorcycle Ride: Organ Donation Saved My Life
April 7, 2015  
Since 1999, Dave Kaufman, 61 of Brooklyn, has survived an unbelievable number of health challenges.

Man Receives Aortic Root Replacement and Runs Iron Man Triathlon
July 1, 2014  
George Samala was training for his second Iron Man triathlon in 2014, when he starting feeling like something was wrong.

Motorcyclist Keeps Racing Thanks to Mount Sinai Cardiothoracic Surgeon
March 10, 2014  
Lee Farmer is competing in his first big, professional motorcycling race at the Daytona 200 in Florida. This wouldn’t be possible if he had not had heart surgery with Dr. Paul Stelzer.

First Patient Receives Leadless Pacemaker in the United States at The Mount Sinai Hospital
February 4, 2014
The first patient in the United States to receive a leadless pacemaker was Gregory Dobin, 83, at The Mount Sinai Hospital on February 4th, 2014.

An Irregular Heartbeat Stabilized at Mount Sinai 
August 23, 2010  
When Lucretia Jones, a mother of two holding a full-time job, felt her heart race out of control, Mount Sinai was there to stabilize her heartbeat.

World Traveler Resumes Adventures After Mitral Valve Surgery
July 22, 2010  
Linda Rosenthal’s heart and lungs were wearing out, but heart valve surgery at Mount Sinai Heart restored her health.

Heart Attack Catches Woman Off Guard: Symptoms Aren't the Same As Men's
July 22, 2010  
Sue Fallon noticed a funny feeling in her chest but did nothing. The heart attack she suffered later, though, was no laughing matter.

Careful Planning Saves Baby's Life
July 22, 2010  
When Dawn and Scott Buxbaum learned the baby they were expecting had a heart defect, they turned to Mount Sinai Heart.

Fibromuscular Dysplasia: A Rare Condition Caught in Time
July 22, 2010  
Diagnosed with fibromuscular dysplasia and atherosclerosis, Karen was a walking time bomb. Could angioplasty save Karen's life?

Former Jockey Back in the Saddle After Mount Sinai Heart Transplant
July 22, 2010  
When Peter Smith had a heart attack, a ventricular assist device served as a bridge to transplant.

Cyclist Overcomes Cardiac Arrest Thanks to Good Samaritans and Mount Sinai Heart
July 21, 2010  
When Jim Hamilton collapsed during a New York City bike race, fellow cyclists administered CPR. Mount Sinai Heart took it from there.