Appendectomy Patient Credits SICU for Saving His Life

Kenneth Thompson is a high-profile attorney who has litigated a wide range of employment discrimination cases and criminal matters in both federal and state courts

As one of the founding partners of a Manhattan based firm, his days are hectic and anything but monotonous. But even Kenneth wasn't prepared for what happened in April 2012.

He started experiencing immense pain and was admitted to the Mount Sinai Hospital where he underwent surgery due to a ruptured appendix. He suffered not one — but two pulmonary embolisms, stopped breathing and collapsed. That's when he was rushed to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.

Kenneth stayed in the SICU for several days as his health slowly improved. It was during this crucial time that he was met with unsurpassed guidance and care, especially from Dr. John Oropello. He says that he came to see him each day, clearly explaining his diagnosis and the implications. Kenneth was impressed with the entire SICU staff, including the nurses who also provided him with all of the information he needed to know about his condition.

He says "This was by far, one of the most challenging experiences of my life. But the SICU was the best place for me to be under these circumstances."

Kenneth was able to return to work a month after he left the SICU. His firm continues to thrive under his leadership, and he credits the SICU staff for giving him his life back. He says "The SICU has not only saved my life, it changed my life."