The Mount Sinai Health System Community Advisory Board

The purpose of the Mount Sinai Health System Community Advisory Board (CAB) is to provide support to the Health System, to further its goals on community and governmental issues, and communicate the Health System strategy to the community. The board is responsible for helping the system to better reflect the opinions and needs of the communities it serves while developing best practices on community programs implemented by the system.


The mission of the Mount Sinai Health System Community Advisory Board is to offer ground-level insight and an intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods we serve, to aide in providing compassionate, innovative strategies to create a superior patient experience. 

Since its founding, Mount Sinai has an unparalleled commitment to serving New York’s neediest and most underserved communities, a tradition that continues today. As the borders of our system expand, so too, do the populations and needs of those communities. The 30 members of the CAB, composed of healthcare providers and consumers, capture the zeitgeist in our communities, allowing hospital administrators to understand its needs and tailor programs to match them.

Furthermore, members of the CAB act as missionaries of Mount Sinai in their neighborhoods, apartment buildings, schools, places of work, and community organizations to expand its footprint, and deliver an understanding of the services we provide, and a commitment to share their concerns with the members of the board.

Under the Mount Sinai Health System umbrella, there are four Community Advisory Boards:

The Mount Sinai Hospital and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Community Advisory Board
Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Mount Sinai West Community Advisory Board
Mount Sinai Beth Israel Community Advisory Council
Mount Sinai Queens Community Advisory Board