The Manhattan Heart Team Caught Me Just in Time

After experiencing shortness of breath and receiving test results suggesting she might have had a heart attack, Harriet could count on the Mount Sinai Manhattan Heart team to discover what was wrong, comfort her through the stress of medical testing and treatment

It was a beautiful fall afternoon. I enjoyed my summer, but, over the prior two weeks, I began to feel a bit short of breath. Thus, I went to the emergency room near my home, where they performed a few tests and gave me a diagnosis of pneumonia. The doctor prescribed antibiotics for this and asked to follow up with my internist. Several days later, I visited my internist, who, after seeing my electrocardiogram (ECG), asked me to see Ira Blaufarb, MD, FACC, at Mount Sinai Manhattan Heart. My doctor said that I would be fine but that my ECG shows that I might have had a heart attack. She wanted me to see the cardiologist right away. The next thing I knew I was on my way to Dr. Blaufarb's office.

Dr. Blaufarb reviewed my ECG and echocardiogram. He reassured me that I did not have a heart attack, but he said that we had some further testing to do. He was concerned that there might be a blockage, and he wanted to run some more tests. This was a surprise! I was not used to seeing doctors so frequently.

The Manhattan Heart Team Provided Encouragement When I Needed It

That Monday, I returned to the office for my nuclear stress test. What a day that was. I was completely in shock and scared to death, figuratively, but not literally. The staff members were very compassionate. Emily Sullivan, held my hand throughout the echocardiogram procedure, and Dawn Howard (my nurse practitioner) helped me through that ordeal of a stress test. Their compassion and encouragement made this nerve-racking experience tolerable.

Fortunately, the Manhattan Heart team caught me in time. My stress test results were not normal. I had not suffered any heart damage, but I did have a significant blockage. I underwent stent placement the following day and have been doing great since.

I'm Healthier Today Because Of Dr. Blaufarb's Continued Support

Dr. Blaufarb saw me through my treatment from the beginning to the end, and he continues to care for me still today. Dr. Blaufarb had me start a cardiac rehab program and helped me change my diet. I have lost at least 30 pounds and am alive today because of all of their personal care and diligence.

I have since had multiple tests including stress tests, echocardiograms, and carotid sonograms. I am passing them all with flying colors. My internist and the team at Manhattan Heart are keeping a close eye on me to make sure all stays well. I would highly recommend Dr. Blaufarb to anyone (which I have already done) for any heart-related problems.

Harriet Lobl