Jennifer Frontera, MD honored at the Mount Sinai Achievement Ceremony on May 12, 2011

Jennifer A. Frontera, MD, received the Solomon Silver Award in Clinical Medicine at the Mount Sinai Achievement Ceremony

 – May 12, 2011 /Press Release/  –– 

Jennifer A. Frontera, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and Neurology received the Solomon Silver Award in Clinical Medicine at the Mount Sinai Achievement Ceremony on May 12, 2011. Joshua Bederson, MD, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery presented Dr. Frontera with the award, as she best exemplifies the ability to apply the advances in scientific and laboratory medicine to the practice of medicine at the patient level.

The Solomon Silver Award in Clinical Medicine was established in honor of Solomon Silver, MD, an endocrinologist that has been part of the Mount Sinai family since the 1930s. Dr. Silver’s life and work symbolized the fusion of medical skills and knowledge with concern to bring and apply the best of both to patients. During the 1950s, therapy of hyperthyroidism was moving rapidly from surgery to control by drugs and radioactive iodine. Dr. Silver led this movement. His early research in the use of radioactive iodine would make him preeminent in the field of endocrinology and physics. In 1955, Dr. Silver received Mount Sinai's Gold Headed Cane, the highest honor given to a Mount Sinai physician for best representing the values of Mount Sinai on a professional and personal level.

Dr. Frontera is the Medical Director of the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit and was the first neuro-intensivist at Mount Sinai Hospital. She established protocol driven care, the Neurointensive Care Fellowship Program and a robust Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit website. She is the chair of the Mount Sinai Organ Donor Council. Dr. Frontera was recently named a National Regional Champion in Organ Donation, one of only 11 winners nationwide, by the United States Health and Human Services/Health Resources and Services Administration. She also heads the FDNY/Greater NY Hospital Association Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest Program at Mount Sinai.

Dr. Frontera is nationally recognized, as she sits on the board of directors of the Neurocritical Care Society, the editorial board of the journal Neurocritical Care and the advisory board for New York State Department of Health panel on Declaration of Brain Death. She is also a member of the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Data and Safety Monitoring Board for the Stroke Hyperglycemia Insulin Network Effort (SHINE) Trial. The trial aims to determine the efficacy of tight glucose control with IV insulin infusion in hyperglycemic ischemic stroke patients within 12 hours of symptom onset as measured by a validated functional outcome scale at 90 days post stroke.

In 2009, Dr. Frontera released her handbook Decision Making in Neurocritical Care which is an American Association of Neurological Surgeons’ bestseller. She is the principal investigator on four local trials studying outcomes after intracranial hemorrhage. Her research focuses on platelet activation and inflammation after subarachnoid hemorrhage and she currently working on an American Heart Association funded translational project in collaboration with Fatima Sehba, PhD, MS, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience. Dr. Frontera has published 27 peer reviewed articles, 18 of which she is the first author in journals such as Neurology, Stroke and Critical Care Medicine.

Dr. Bederson noted, "Dr. Frontera’s passion for evidence-based decisions in clinical care has infused residents and faculty with an appreciation for outcomes and data. She is a tireless worker who is extraordinarily productive, and sets a high standard for commitment to excellence. I am thrilled to see her receive the Solomon Silver Award in Clinical Medicine. The Department of Neurosurgery congratulates her on this achievement."