Women's Health Day of Learning and Luncheon Motivates Continuing Education for Women

More than 350 attendees gathered at the Plaza in Manhattan for the 2014 Mount Sinai Women's Health Day of Learning and Luncheon to discover more about achieving optimal health. The morning began with three simultaneous seminars given by Mount Sinai specialists in the areas of endocrinology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, cardiology and oncology, followed by lunch, featuring keynote speaker Lisa Ling, Executive Producer and Host of THIS IS LIFE on CNN. "We've been hosting this event for over 26 years," says Michael Brodman, MD. "The luncheon is about promoting women's health and supporting a higher level of care through education that encourages women to be more proactive with their health."

Wellness Wisdom

"Wellness Wisdom: Three Areas You Need to Know More About as You Mature" covered diseases that women need to know more about. New biological treatments for rheumatoid arthritis were presented by Yousaf Ali, MD. Douglas Dieterich, MD went into the dangers of Hepatitis C and various treatment regimens for this disease. Lastly, Alice Levine, MD discussed thyroid disease and how it affects women. She says, "The most common cause for hyperthyroidism in the US is autoimmune - an antibody that your body produces actually attacks your own thyroid, stimulating it to grow and produce more thyroid hormones." This collaborative seminar provided the latest clinical findings to help deal with these diseases and how they affect women.

Know Your Risk

"Know Your Risk: Genomics and Ovarian Cancer" offered information about a woman's personal genome. Peter Dottino, MD addressed the research and developments in the field of ovarian cancer. "Genomics research and advances allow for tumors to be analyzed cheaper and faster," says Dr. Dottino, "Early detection greatly increases the survival rates of ovarian cancer."

Her Palpitations

During "Her Palpitations: Are they Anxiety or a Prelude to Something More?" Marie-Noelle Langan, MD explained why heart palpitations are often attributed to dangerous rhythms which may be misdiagnosed. "These sensations of the heart beat in the chest are a common symptom particularly in women at different stages in their life," says Dr. Langan. "Even pregnancy may cause an increase in arrhythmia, a problem with the rhythm of the heartbeat."

The Keynote Address

Opening her keynote address, as attendees gathered in the Grand Ballroom, Lisa Ling expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the event after being introduced by Dr. Michael Brodman. Ling spoke about the struggles and resilience of women. She offered many stories of her encounters with different women from around the globe, and how those experiences helped change her perception of the world.

In addition to her experiences as a reporter, Ling went into the significance of family and how the mother is essential for maintaining family health and happiness, especially for the children. She says, "Kids don't need a lot, but they need their moms." The topic shifted to our country's issue with imprisonment and Lisa Ling says, "This country has more people in prison that anywhere else in the world. The number of women in prison is growing astronomically."

Ling concluded her remarks by recalling a time when she questioned her faith after experiencing all the atrocities in this world, and how her husband helped her to believe again. She was empowered by realizing that she could make a difference and could change the world for the better. She encouraged all the women at the luncheon to look within themselves to make a difference.

Mount Sinai's Women's Health Campaign

Please help us continue the women's health prevention momentum, by making a contribution to the Mount Sinai's Women's Health campaign. Thank you, and a special thanks to our donors and attendees of the 2014 Women's Health Day of Learning and Luncheon.

Wellness Wisdom: Three Areas You Need to Know More About

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Know Your Risk: Genomics and Ovarian Cancer

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Her Palpitations: Are They Anxiety or Something More?

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