Weight Loss

At the Mount Sinai Women's Health Program, we offer a physician-directed weight-loss program that takes into account your metabolism, health status and other variables to design a program tailored to your lifestyle and weight-loss needs.

We also offer regular medical checkups, blood work, and adjustments of diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol or other obesity-related medications that may be required as you begin shedding pounds. All of our weight-loss services and supportive care are achieved in close collaboration with your primary care physician.

Bariatric Surgery

If you require more intensive intervention for severe weight problems, your Women's Health Program primary care physician may refer you to the Mount Sinai Program for Surgical Weight Loss.

The Mount Sinai Program for Surgical Weight Loss (bariatric surgery) is among the oldest in the nation. It is so highly regarded that the American Society for Bariatric Surgery distinguished the program as a Center of Excellence, pointing to the safety, efficiency and overall positive results achieved by the Mount Sinai bariatric surgery team.

The Mount Sinai Program for Surgical Weight Loss has extensive experience performing all of the latest techniques
in minimally invasive weight-loss surgery.


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