Mount Sinai's Women's Health Program takes a proactive approach to preventative medicine. Participants in the Program are screened and an individualized care plan is developed based on your personal and family medical histories.

We focus on keeping women well by offering preventive care services. Through the Women's Health Program, women are matched with a Mount Sinai primary care physician who will work with them and the Women's Health Coordinator to manage all of their health care needs. One of our primary goals is to treat the “total woman”—not just isolated symptoms.

The Screenings You Need

We can schedule all of your recommended cancer screenings, which include mammography and colonoscopy for breast and colon cancer screening, as well as screenings for osteoporosis and other calcium-deficiency disorders. If clinically indicated, we will also assist with scheduling an evaluation for pelvic floor dysfunction and other related urological disorders, as well as dermatologic evaluation and treatment, among others.

Immediate Access to Specialists

With access to specialists in virtually every medical field, the Mount Sinai Women's Health Program provides for specialized services including gynecologic and obstetric services, management of diabetes and other endocrine disorders, heart disease, GI disorders, autoimmune disease, and numerous other chronic health problems.

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