Urethral Stricture 

A urethral stricture is a narrowing of the urethra (the tube that carries urine out of the body). It may be caused by trauma, disease, previous surgery, such as prostatectomy, or its origin may be unknown. The narrowing generally results in obstructed urination which can lead to infection, or bladder or kidney damage. An inability to urinate, a slow stream of urine and/or painful urination may be symptoms of a urethral stricture and should always be evaluated by a urologist in a timely manner. 

Although treatment for stricture disease varies depending on the location and extent (length and location) of the stricture, a patient’s medical history and other factors, urethroplasty (reconstruction of the urethra) is considered a highly effective and enduring treatment for all but the most benign strictures, where dilation (stretching) of the stricture is a potential option. Urethroplasty may involve removal of the narrowed tissue and joining of the two functional ends or augmentation of the diseased tissue with a tissue graft, most commonly from the inside of the mouth (buccal) or from the penis. This surgery is complex and not performed routinely by a large number of urologic surgeons. For optimal results, selecting a surgeon based on his or her experience in performing urethral reconstruction is essential. 

Dr. Neil Grafstein, Director of Reconstructive Urology, Female Urology and Voiding Dysfunction at Mount Sinai, is one of a small number of urologists in the United States with advanced training in reconstruction of the adult male urethra. He is the author of numerous articles and texts on urethral stricture and urethral reconstruction, and is routinely sought after for advice on the most difficult cases by his peers. 

Mount Sinai’s Department of Urology’s state-of-the-art, self-contained Continence Center provides the convenience of on-site diagnostic procedures and treatments all under one roof. All patients who come to the Mount Sinai Continence Center are given a thorough evaluation, including detailed medical history so the appropriate treatment can be determined. The professionals on the Continence Center team, led by Dr. Grafstein, understand the highly sensitive nature of urinary incontinence and are committed to your physical and emotional comfort. 

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If you are experiencing symptoms of a urethral obstruction or been recently diagnosed with stricture disease, please call us at 212-241-4812 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Grafstein and his team.

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