Robotic Prostate Surgery at Mount Sinai

Physicians at The Mount Sinai Hospital’s Milton and Carroll Department of Urology continue to innovate and expand treatment options for patients with prostate cancer. Dr. Ash Tewari, Chairman of the Department of Urology, is a renowned leader in robotic prostate surgery and has performed more than 5,500 robotic prostatectomies, making him one of the most experienced robotic prostate surgeons in the world. Our Precision UrologyTM approach involves integration of multiple variables and imaging data for diagnosis and treatment decision making, so men with prostate cancer can be assured of our commitment to comprehensive and personalized care. In order to minimize the damage to the nerves responsible for erectile function, Dr. Tewari pioneered the performance of a completely athermal technique (no use of cautery or heat energy) during robotic prostatectomy. Also, he developed the total reconstruction technique, in which the support structures of the urinary mechanism are restored following prostate removal, for faster continence recovery.

Surgical Expertise and Patient Benefits

Experience is especially important when considering robotic prostatectomy. Learn more about our esteemed surgeon, who was one of the pioneers of the technique

Robotic Prostate Surgical Outcomes

Mount Sinai utilizes the leading-edge research of our medical scientists and the outstanding expertise of our clinical team to deliver superior results. Learn more about our surgical outcomes

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