Message from the Vice Chair of Research

Mount Sinai Surgery has a stellar history as a clinical department and continues to be on the cutting edge in multiple fields including laparoscopic surgery, liver disease, gastrointestinal disease and vascular disease, to name a few. Our highly skilled clinicians continue to be leaders in their respective fields, carrying on the tradition of innovation and excellence, in an environment that is highly supportive of engaging in research.

Although we have always been actively involved in research as a department, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the structure of our program. With the help of our research manager, Laura Kingsley, we are currently taking another look at the different studies being conducted, refining our systems in order to effectively manage those that are in progress, and working to coordinate research efforts across disciplines. My objective is to develop a coordinated effort to expand surgical research, bringing it to a superior level and surpassing the preeminent surgical research programs in the country. It is also my aspiration to motivate my peers, as well as young physicians to engage in some aspect of research, as research has given me tremendous personal and professional fulfillment.

Currently, there are many different types of research studies being conducted at different stages, including clinical and basic science research, such as animal studies in laboratory settings, vaccine trials, phase 1 trials and investigational device trials, all with a variety of funding sources.

It is my belief that through shifting a strong focus onto research, the department will continue to grow in a direction that promotes innovation and the creation of our own technology, elevating the overall quality of the department, and the level of care that our patients receive. I look forward to working with the surgical faculty, fellows, research staff, and others to continue to cultivate Mount Sinai’s Surgical Research program in a way that echoes the mission of the department ‐ dedication to education, research and clinical excellence.

Spiros P. Hiotis, MD, PhD
Vice Chairman of Surgery for Research