The New York Times - Dr. Stephen Gorfine: "The 180-Pound Gorilla in the Operating Room: Ailing Occupants of the Bronx Zoo Get Sophisticated Medical Care"

It was a rough summer for Holli, a Bronx native born at the zoo in 1989. The first signs of trouble were a loss of energy and appetite.

New York, NY
 – October 14, 2013  –– 

She eventually shed 30 pounds. X-rays, blood tests and an ultrasound revealed the problem: a deep abscess in her abdomen. That's when the call went out to Stephen Gorfine, MD, Daniel Popowich, MD, and a vascular surgery team from the Mount Sinai Health System, who donated their surgical expertise. "We didn't know what to expect," Dr. Popowich said. "Once we got inside, it was all the same. You'd think it was a human." Learn More