New York Daily News - Dr. William Inabnet: "Daily Checkup: Adrenal Nodules and Cancer"

William Inabnet, MD, Professor of Surgery, and Co-Director of the Adrenal Center at The Mount Sinai Hospital said only a small percentage of nodules on adrenal glands are cancerous, but it's important to get them checked because the cancer is aggressive.

New York, NY
 – January 12, 2014  –– 

"Located above the kidneys, the adrenal glands produce a series of hormones that influence blood pressure control, electrolyte balance and stress response, including adrenaline — functions essential for life," said Dr. Inabnet. "When nodules form on the adrenal glands, most of them require no treatment — but every nodule warrants a workup to rule out something more serious, including adrenal cancer." Learn more