Downtown Express - Dr. Peter Midulla and Dr. Andrew Lipskar: "Doubly Grateful for Christmas"

Cecilia and her twin sister Georgia were born last month but Georgia needed major surgery two days later and was expected to stay in the hospital for at least a month.

New York, NY
 – December 18, 2013  –– 

She'll be celebrating Christmas with her family next week. Roccos calls Lipskar and Midulla "my rock star surgeons," and has been struggling with what to do for them. "It's very scary to have your baby born and not be perfect, we had to emphasize Georgia was perfect— she just had a little defect." Like past years for the family, presents will be opened in FiDi Christmas morning before they drive to Maryland to spend part of the day with Smithmyer's family. This year though, the parents will be taking a rental. "Our little S.U.V.", Roccos said, "is not going to hold this big family." Learn more