Division of Vascular Surgery Research

As one of the nation's busiest vascular surgery centers, Mount Sinai has long been at the forefront of research in treating complex vascular disease. Faculty members within the Division of Vascular Surgery have served as National Principal Investigators for trials involving iliac artery stents to improve lower extremity blood flow and on the National Oversight Board investigating minimally-invasive stent graft treatments for both thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Our vascular surgeons are conducting the following research to test the effectiveness of newly emerging treatments:

  • Surgeons within the division have been working on retrospective studies that seek to analyze pre and post-operative patient data to evaluate long-term outcomes after vascular interventions including aneurysm repair, arterial bypass, and surgical treatment of carotid artery stenosis. Through national, multi-center clinical trials, we are examining the treatment of aneurysms in the aorta and ways to prevent stroke.

  • Additional areas of research interest within the division include the advancement of our understanding of the genetic basis for vascular disease as well as the use of stem cell therapy to treat leg ischemia and treat aneurysms.

  • Translational research using bone-marrow derived stem cells is also being done to determine the effects of stem cell therapy on aortic wall biology. With this information, our surgeons hope to learn more about the use of stem cells to treat and repair damaged blood vessels. An increased understanding of artery wall repair could lead to the development of more effective treatments of aortic aneurysms and a reduction in aneurismal sac growth due to leakage of blood out of the graft into the weak-walled artery.

Cutting-Edge Surgical Treatments

Faculty members in the Division of Vascular Surgery continually integrate cutting-edge research into their daily medical practice in order to ensure that all patients get the best care available. Incorporating long-standing surgical practice with up-to-the-minute innovations allows surgeons to remain at the cutting-edge of surgical treatment for an array of vascular health issues.