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Several reports have shown that outcomes for pancreatic cancer are best when patients are cared for at high-volume centers. Mount Sinai is home to highly skilled pancreatic cancer surgeons who have significant experience treating this type of cancer at all stages. Every patient with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is presented at our interdepartmental tumor board to incorporate treatment recommendations from our colleagues in Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and advanced Gastroenterology. The care we provide is further enhanced by our robust research activities, which offer patients access to emerging treatments through clinical trial enrollments.

Advanced Treatments

Mount Sinai offers the full range of treatments for pancreatic cancer, including minimally invasive procedures. Learn more

Pancreatic Cancer Video

pancreatic cancer videoDaniel Labow, MD, discusses pancreatic cancer and surgical treatment options. Watch video

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Surgical Treatment Innovations

sarpel video spotlightUmut Sarpel, MD, reviews three of the latest techniques to treat pancreatic cancer. Watch video