Colon and Rectal Cancer Treatment and Surgery

Most colon and rectal cancers require a combination of therapies to be treated. Mount Sinai's surgeons take a whole-disease approach to these cancers, working with other specialists within Mount Sinai to create a custom treatment program that includes radiation therapy and chemotherapy, as needed. This multidisciplinary approach treats the full patient, not just the source of the disease. Our surgeons have extensive experience in the following colon and rectal procedures:

  • Local excision of rectal cancer and polyps: The surgeon inserts an instrument into the rectum and removes the tumor without the need for an abdominal operation. This procedure may be appropriate for rectal cancers found at an early stage.

  • Colectomy: This procedure entails removing the part of the colon with the tumor and nearby tissues containing lymph nodes. Mount Sinai surgeons frequently perform this type of surgery with minimally invasive techniques (laparoscopy), which allow for less pain, faster recovery, and superior cosmetic results. In fact, our surgeons participated in the national randomized trial on laparoscopic surgery for colon cancer.

  • Low anterior resection: Most commonly performed for advanced rectal cancer, this procedure entails removing the rectum and part of the colon.. Radiation and chemotherapy often precede surgery. The rectum is removed, and the colon is attached to the area just above the sphincter muscles. Our surgeons are experts at removing even very low (distal) rectal cancers in order to avoid a permanent colostomy.


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