Mount Sinai Health System is dedicated to the clinical and scientific fundamentals of surgical critical care. We were one of the first critical care units in the country to routinely use ultrasound for the insertion of central venous access catheters and arterial line placement. This has increased patient comfort and reduced complications associated with these procedures for the critically-ill.

Among our current research interests:

  • We are examining how sepsis and septic shock affects blood flows to individual organs

  • Our surgeons are evaluating the role of cardiac ultra sonography in assessing patients in shock

  • In addition, we continue to research ground-break treatment for Acute Lung Injury, Acute Renal Injury and Renal Replacement Therapy

Past projects have included studies in measuring intra-abdominal pressure via indwelling bladder catheters, a ground breaking study in the knowledge and use of the pulmonary artery catheter by critical care physicians and nurses, the use of lactate to detect tissue hypoperfusion, and the use of prostaglandins in preventing renal dysfunction in post-operative liver transplant patients.

Research remains an integral part of our fellowship training program and is included in the discussion during weekly research meetings.

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