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Peter S. Midulla, MD, FACS, FAAP
Dr. Midulla is the Chief of the Division of Pediatric Surgery at Mount Sinai, a position he’s held since 2006. In, 2012, he was appointed Surgeon-in Chief of the Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai. Dr. Midulla’s clinical interests and expertise cover a wide range of pediatric surgical conditions, but he has a special interest in minimally invasive surgery in infants and children, including neonatal laparoscopy and thoracoscopy.

As Chief of Pediatric Surgery, Dr. Midulla believes that one of his most important responsibilities is training future pediatricians and pediatric surgeons. Under Dr. Midulla’s mentorship, Mount Sinai has graduated multiple General Surgery residents who have gone on to match in highly competitive Pediatric Surgery fellowship positions, a feat matched by very few surgical programs.

Lawrence Bodenstein, MD, PhD 
Dr. Bodenstein is Chief of Pediatric Surgery at Mount Sinai Beth Israel and provides care across the Mount Sinai Health System. His practice treats the full range of general and thoracic surgical problems in infants, children, and adolescents. In addition, Dr. Bodenstein has a special interest in the treatment of chest wall anomalies such as pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum.

Tamar L. Mirensky, MD
Dr. Mirensky is Chief of Pediatric Surgery at Mount Sinai West, and she treats patients across the Mount Sinai Health System. Her clinical interests include all aspects of pediatric general and thoracic surgery, advanced minimally invasive surgery of babies and children, and the management of pediatric and adolescent obesity. Dr. Mirensky has a strong interest in the epidemiologic basis of disease and clinical outcome and is currently a candidate for the Master’s in Epidemiology from the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. She supplements her practice with collaborative clinical research efforts.

Nanita Lim-Sulit, APNP
Nanita Lim-Sulit (Nan) has been a registered nurse for more than 34 years, with a strong background and interest in neonatal and pediatric cardiac intensive care unit patients as well as pediatric patients undergoing general surgical procedures. She is a pediatric nurse practitioner, first joining the Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery in 1997, and she has been an integral part of the team ever since. Nan assists with the pre-operative and post-operative evaluation of patients and impacts all realms of patient care. Her work with the preoperative preparation program Meet Me at Mount Sinai provides a supportive and nurturing environment to patients and their families, so to make their experience as positive as possible.

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