Thyroid Surgery without the Scar

Concerned with pain in her throat, a patient elects to have her thyroid removed through her under arm.

"I had thyroid surgery with Dr. Inabnet on October 20. Rather than having the incision in my neck, the doctor went through under my arm. One of the reasons I chose to do it this way was because of concerns with pain in my throat. I have allergies and sinus problems which cause me to cough and clear my throat often. I was afraid the pain would be severe after the surgery whenever I needed to do that. I think I made the right decision since I had almost no discomfort in my throat.

I have had pain in my chest area from my shoulder over to the middle of my chest. Over the past three weeks, the pain has lessened every day. The first three days after surgery, I needed to use prescription pain medication for that pain. After that, I was able to use Advil or aspirin. It slowly became soreness, rather than pain. It is still a bit tender when I touch it, but I have been able to get back to most of my routine at this point. I am glad I did the surgery this way rather than the traditional way through my neck.

Every single person at the hospital and the office has been kind and caring the whole way through this experience. The nurses at Mount Sinai were great to me after my surgery. I have no complaints at all about the surgery. I think Dr. Inabnet is an outstanding and very kind doctor. If you do need to go through this procedure, I would strongly recommend this hospital and Dr. Inabnet."

Warren, New Jersey

Service performed: endoscopic transaxillary total thyroidectomy

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