Parathyroid Surgeon undergoes Minimally Invasive Parathyroid Surgery at Mount Sinai

After years of battling a mysterious illness, a patient turns to the team to remove his parathyroid, which was the cause of his health woes.

"None of us want to hear that we have a health problem. When it does arise, however, we switch into a 'let's get it taken care of' mode and start doing everything possible to deal with the problem so that we can move forward unencumbered.

Four years ago, a routine blood test revealed that I had an elevated calcium level. At first it was attributed to other medications that I was taking, but, despite corrective measures taken by my primary care physicians, the levels remained the same or higher. Initial nuclear scans and ultrasound failed to reveal any discreet masses in the parathyroid glands and medical treatment and observation continued. Muscle cramping and spasms continued to get worse and more frequent until I sought the expertise of an endocrinologist who made the diagnosis by ultrasound. He then sent me for confirmatory radiological testing. This was in many ways a big relief in itself because, now, I knew that I could be cured. Now the question became who would be the surgeon I would put my trust in to perform the procedure.

After much researching and questioning, I chose Dr. William. B. Inabnet. I called to schedule an appointment and from the beginning of this process, everyone was professional. The appointment was made with no problems or obstacles; Dr. Inabnet's nurse Denise was kind, courteous and efficient. The day of the appointment the staff continued to be efficient, caring and concerned. I saw the doctor within 10 minutes of my scheduled appointment time. During my exam I felt that Dr. Inabnet was focused on me and that my concerns and problems were all that mattered to him. He examined me, reviewed my medical records and tests. He explained completely the procedure and what it could do to cure my condition. We set a date for the surgery. When I left his office I was completely confident in my choice of surgeons and reassured that my hypercalcemia would be cured with minimal post surgical down time.

The day of the surgery my wife and I walked into Mount Sinai and I checked in about 9:15 am. Registration was quick and efficient. By noon I was in the operating room having my procedure done. After the procedure he discussed it with my wife and addressed any of her questions in a caring and concerned manner, which was tremendously reassuring to her.

Recovery time in the post op unit was short. I was given something to eat and monitored for about an hour. Before we left Dr. Inabnet stopped by for a second time to let us know how everything went and what to expect over the first week after surgery. Again, he addressed and answered any further questions that we had. We left the hospital around 4:00 pm and arrived home shortly thereafter. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Inabnet and his entire team without any reservation based on my experience with him and Mount Sinai Hospital."

MS, an Ear Nose Throat Surgeon
New Jersey

Service performed: minimally invasive parathyroidectomy under local anesthesia

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