Mount Sinai Surgeon Resolves Katherine's Complicated Cancer Case

Before coming to The Mount Sinai Hospital, Katherine Nolan wasn't a stranger to the operating room. In fact, she had six surgeries after being diagnosed with gastric cancer and had already undergone a subtotal gastrectomy. After experiencing several complications at other institutions, Katherine came to see Celia Divino, MD, Chief of the Division of General Surgery at Mount Sinai. At this point, Katherine could not eat or drink anything and was fighting for her life.

Expert Surgeon at Mount Sinai Identifies and Resolves the Problem

Dr. Divino immediately figured out the problem, and Katherine went under the knife for a seventh time. But Katherine says she knew things were going to be different this time, stating: "Dr. Divino was so kind, compassionate and never gave me any false expectations. She performed the surgery and knew exactly what she was doing." Katherine says Dr. Divino fixed the mistakes that other surgeons had made, far surpassing her expectations.

A Year after Surgery, Katherine Enjoys a Normal Life

Before seeing Dr. Divino, 44-year-old Katherine wasn't sure if she would survive long enough to raise her 5-year-old daughter Maggie. Over a year has passed since the surgery and Katherine is enjoying a normal, healthy life. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. She says, "Dr. Divino is by far the most impressive surgeon I have ever met. She and her staff went above and beyond to offer me the utmost quality of clinical care."