Comprehensive Hernia Care Program

The surgeons at The Mount Sinai Hospital are leaders in the treatment of hernia. We provide our patients with individualized and specialized care from the time of diagnosis, to the day of surgery, and through complete recovery.

A hernia is a weakness or defect in the wall of the abdomen or diaphragm, present at birth or acquired through daily living. They grow large over time, as the pressure inside the abdomen pushes on the area of weakness. Hernias can occur in both men and women; however, they are more common in men. Surgery can help eliminate discomfort and prevent complications.

Our team offers advanced surgical approaches to treat all types of hernias, including minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgical procedures. Our program's multidisciplinary approach to care incorporates multiple experts, such as plastic surgeons and gastroenterologists into patients' customized treatment plans. Our team's expertise, coupled with advanced technology, position patients to achieve the safest and most durable repair with the least discomfort and fastest recovery.

Types of Hernias

Our surgeons have vast experience treating the following:

Hernias can be diagnosed by your healthcare provider and may involve a physical examination or require a CT scan. The proper approach to your hernia care will be discussed with your surgeon.

Types of Surgery

Hernia surgery can be performed using traditional or laparoscopic approaches. For a traditional repair, a surgical mesh (patch) is usually placed over the hernia site to strengthen the weakened area, providing long-term strength to help prevent recurrence. This is usually performed with sedation and local anesthesia. Patients typically leave a few hours after surgery. For laparoscopic hernia repairs, patients receive general anesthesia and are completely asleep for the surgery. This procedure is less invasive, using only small incisions to insert the laparoscope. Patients are usually able to leave a few hours after surgery, depending on the size of the hernia and the complexity of the surgery.

Our team has vast experience in all facets of hernia surgery, including:

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